Working in a wide range of fields, including press, documentary, music and commercial image making, I am a proven professional whether operating as a stills photographer or videographer.

Since 2015 I have concentrated mostly on journalistic work, employed until 2018 as a staff photographer for SWNS media group, the UK's largest independent press agency.

Both contract work and personal projects have led me to travel and work extensively in the Middle East and South America. In 2016 a film shot in Iraqi Kurdistan, "No Friend But The Mountains", on which I camera operated, won international awards, including at the New York WILD Film Festival.

Conscientious, dedicated and precise, I try to bring a fresh and creative approach to any assignment. I consider myself to be outgoing and a good communicator, while able to work effectively either under my own initiative or as part of a team.

Currently studying an MA in Visual Anthropology at the prestigious Granada Centre at the University of Manchester.


Currently based in Manchester, UK, but willing and happy to travel just about anywhere.

(+44) 7728 74753

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