Benjamin Paul Photography

  1. Hope & Hardship In The Shadow Of The Rich Hill

    28 Jan 2019
    The Cerro Rico mountain towers over 700m above the city of Potosî in Southwestern Bolivia. One of the oldest and most productive silver mines in the world, mining here began in 1545 and Potosî became the site of the Spanish colonial mint. Up to an estimated 8 million people are…

  2. UK Small Livestock Show

    21 Jan 2018
    The 96th UK Small Livestock Show, at Doncaster Racecourse, saw thousands of guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, gerbils, hamsters and rats assemble, with competitive showers coming from as far away as Sweden and the USA. Groomed and preened, the animals were then judged in breed categories.

  3. Floyd Lloyd Bespoke - ‘The Trailblazer’, Travel Bag

    14 Jan 2018
    I almost never get to shoot lifestyle or commercial photographs so it was great to be involved with this project. Jumping on down to Manchester, the greatest city in the UK (FYI), I linked up with Floyd Lloyd, a super talented, emerging designer based in the city. Floyd is focused…

  4. EDL Manchester

    11 Jun 2017
    A huge crowd of EDL fascists paraded through Manchester just weeks after the MEN Arena bombing, led to the deaths of 19 people. In their memory, the far-right group led by Tommy Robinson, were to have a “silent, peaceful march” through the city. Unfortunately, most of them didn’t get the…

  5. Nowruz In The Qandils With The PKK

    02 Apr 2017
    Although the PKK is designated a terrorist organisation by the EU, the US and Turkey, the UN has so far been more restrained. So have security council members India, Russia and China. Deep in their mountain stronghold of the Qandil mountains in northern Iraq, under risk of shelling and airstrikes…

  6. Lewes Bonfire

    07 Nov 2016

  7. Leeds West Indian Carnival

    31 Aug 2016
    On Monday I shot the 49th Leeds West Indian Carnival, the longest running in the UK, pre-dating both Nottinghill and St. Pauls’.

  8. Blue Dot Festival

    25 Jul 2016
    Music and science and weirdness at a massive telescope… what a weekend.

  9. Hello Raiko

    11 Jul 2016
    I had the honour of being asked to photograph the birth of two friends recently. A truly mad and ultimately beautiful experience. Welcome to the world Raiko Toomsalu-Kenny.

  10. Radiohead At The Camden Roundhouse

    30 May 2016
    Here’s a little series from Saturday 28th March, the closing night of Radiohead’s three day stint at Camden’s Roundhouse, touring the new album.

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