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  1. EDL Manchester

    Date 11 Jun 2017
    A huge crowd of EDL fascists paraded through Manchester just weeks after the MEN Arena bombing, led to the deaths of 19 people. In their memory, the far-right group led by Tommy Robinson, were to have a “silent, peaceful march” through the city. Unfortunately, most of them didn’t get the…

  2. Nowruz In The Qandils With The PKK

    Date 02 Apr 2017
    Although the PKK is designated a terrorist organisation by the EU, the US and Turkey, the UN has so far been more restrained. So have security council members India, Russia and China. Deep in their mountain stronghold of the Qandil mountains in northern Iraq, under risk of shelling and airstrikes…

  3. Lewes Bonfire

    Date 07 Nov 2016

  4. Leeds West Indian Carnival

    Date 31 Aug 2016
    On Monday I shot the 49th Leeds West Indian Carnival, the longest running in the UK, pre-dating both Nottinghill and St. Pauls’.

  5. Blue Dot Festival

    Date 25 Jul 2016
    Music and science and weirdness at a massive telescope… what a weekend.

  6. Hello Raiko

    Date 11 Jul 2016
    I had the honour of being asked to photograph the birth of two friends recently. A truly mad and ultimately beautiful experience. Welcome to the world Raiko Toomsalu-Kenny.

  7. Radiohead At The Camden Roundhouse

    Date 30 May 2016
    Here’s a little series from Saturday 28th March, the closing night of Radiohead’s three day stint at Camden’s Roundhouse, touring the new album.

  8. 1st Day In Kurdistan

    Date 19 Mar 2016
    First day in Iraqi Kurdistan. Getting my eye in the old city of Erbil.

  9. Summer Festival Round-up

    Date 10 Sep 2015
    What a summer! As the leaves are turning yellow and the evenings are drawing in, I thought I’d post a little round up of the fun I had in the warmer months. Roll on next year!

  10. Leeds Festival 2015

    Date 07 Sep 2015
    What a weekend. One of the UK’s most popular festivals didn’t disappoint. Nor did the huge array of home-grown and international talent.

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