Floyd Lloyd Bespoke - ‘The Trailblazer’, Travel Bag

I almost never get to shoot lifestyle or commercial photographs so it was great to be involved with this project. Jumping on down to Manchester, the greatest city in the UK (FYI), I linked up with Floyd Lloyd, a super talented, emerging designer based in the city. Floyd is focused largely on bespoke, customisable fashion and although he has a full range of hand tailoring skills, his new product on his label, Floyd Lloyd bespoke, utilises some of the newest technology available. 

The Trailblazer, a travel bag, is fully customisable through a website app, allowing you upload images that will then line and decorate the inside. Family photos can be lazer-etched into the fabric itself, internal pockets can be printed to reflect the personality of the bag’s owner and you can even have a quote or passage of a book embroidered. In short, this thing is siiiiiiiick. 

Currently just a prototype, here’s hoping this product makes it into production soon.

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